Special Issues

We are currently preparing several special issues related to the Aims and Scopes of this journal. One who is not on the editorial board is interested in editing a special issue, please find an Associate Editor as a sponsor. If there is no associate editor in your specific field, please Contact Us, we will assign an associate editor to work with you. Special Issue Submission.

Translational Genetics and Epigenetics of Immune-Related Skin Diseases, PDF
Editors: Qianjin Lu, Ming Zhao, Juan Tao, Liangdan Sun, Hong Liu
The Central South University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Anhui Medical University, The First Medical University of Shandong.

Risk-Benefit Considerations and Drug Safety Processes for Therapeutics Used in the Para-Natal Interval. PDF. Editors: Donald Mattison, Rosa Piccirillo, Claude Hughes, and Fengyu Zhang

Translational Research on Aging and Longevity. PDF
Editors: Peng Du, Jiehua Lu, Jinying Wang, Jianxin Li
Renmin University, Peking University, Hebei University

Schizophrenia Treatment and Biomarkers. PDF
Editors: Yunlong Tan
Peking University, Beijing, China

Methods and Applications in Clinical Research in Genomic Era. PDF
Editors: Hui Zhang, Yu Jiang, Fengyu Zhang
Northwestern University, Chicago, IL